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Jordan Richardson

Entertainment Talent Manager | Speaker | Creative Leader

You are a Talent.
And all leaders are Talent Managers.

Hear from a world-class entertainment talent manager, tap into the lessons of success celebrities taught him, and make deeper connections in your career and life!


The pandemic showed us that there’s no such thing as a “work-life-balance” anymore, it’s all life. 
And the more talent and creativity we bring to it,
the better we’ll live.


"The 12 tenets of Talent management"

What is talent?  For Jordan Richardson, whose first career was in Hollywood talent management, it's what leaders in any industry can discover, draw forth, liberate, and celebrate in every employee, aka 'talent'. In this inspiring talk, Jordan brings to life the idea of leadership and connection as 'talent management', with a series of compelling stories from his years managing entertainment projects and learning from iconic celebrities like superstar Snoop Dogg, actress and comedian Nicole Richie, and Rock and Roll legend Steven Tyler. The 12 Tenets of Talent Management is a perfect reminder for any employer, any employee... anyone.

Recognize.  Overcome.  Achieve. 

Jordan Richardson

“He has been an amazing partner to work with and is the highlight of the day according to our feedback surveys!”

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key takeaways from 
The 12 Tenets of
Talent ManagEment

  • Executive and Team Leadership

  • Innovative Team Thinking

  • Personal Brand Storytelling

  • Customer Service Excellence

  • Breaking Sales Goals

  • Absolute Trust

  • The Power of Reciprocity 

  • Celebrating Resilience

  • Embracing Failure

  • Culture Change Management

Jordan Richardson



Winding path background

And shared that impact globally!

FOX Television, US Weekly, CNN, FOX 11 Podcast,

Glamour Magazine, Swiss Public Television,

Reti Televisive Italiane, After Shock! worldwide publication


A Cali Boy Born and Bred!

Jordan Richardson California

I've worked with...

celebrities, musicians, actors, thought leaders, brands, CEOs, and even DOCTORS!

I love creating

ABC's SOAPnet, VH1's "Behind The Music", NBC, #LoveIsLove

w/ Absolut Vodka, VH1's "I Love The 2000's", Not Impossible Labs, Cardboard Rockets, LLC.

Jordan Richardson
Jordan Richardson awards

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Honored to have made an impact...

Hollywood Music In Media Awards honors, After Shock! contributing luminary author, Shorty Award winner,

JFK Library Foundation - New Frontier Forum Inductee,

2x Myriad Genetics' President Club winner, MVP and

various Impact Awards recipient


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I've officiated 4 weddings! (no funerals)

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